Friday, March 28, 2008

A Military Rockstar

You may have heard the name Frank Cavanagh when you think of the songs "Hey Man Nice Shot" and "Take a Picture" from the band Filter..but now he's giving it up to be a member of the Army Reserve and will be deploying in less than a week!!

We interviewed him on ASY Live yesterday and what a great guy. He seems to have such a great love for his country and his family. "She tells all her little friends my daddy’s in the army" - he says proudly of his 5 year old daughter Emily.

Cavanagh has always wanted to join the military, he told us...ever since he used to go on tour and see military recruiters. “Political or not if you live in America it’s a country that allows you to express yourself politically and the whole reason behind that is the people in the military have made sacrifices so that our country can be what it is.” - he says.

We agree Sergeant! Best of Luck to You!

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