Monday, April 21, 2008

Military Experience Wanted

“A lot of service members don’t know what’s out there. They are used to doing a certain job in the military, and when they get in the civilian world they do not always know how to apply and transfer the skills they have learned making them noticeable to employers." - That quote came from Justin Callahan, a service member that was wounded in combat and suffered a left leg amputation below the knee. Callahan works for Hire Heroes USA, an organization that helps soldiers with service related disabilities find the jobs they want in the civilian world.

It was interesting to talk with Justin and the program's director Bayne Tippins recently on an ASY Live BlogTalkRadio Interview. Both individuals are incredibly passionate about how important this tool is for our service members. Justin told us that one of the most difficult challenges he faced coming back was re-establishing confidence and learning how marketable the skills one acquires in the military are. It's disheartening to think that any service member would not realize exactly how important and desirable the skills they learn in the military are to employers.

Here is a great video that really gets to the heart of what this organization does.

You can also Read the American Forces Press Service Story.