Friday, April 25, 2008

Sticker Duty

Yesterday was "Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day" at the is a first hand account from our America Supports You intern Mandy Fassett:

I was ten years old when woke up thrilled to go to work with my dad. I spent the day in my Dad’s shadow- meeting his co-workers, roaming around the building and listening in on lunch time table talk.

Ten years later a lot has changed. Instead of holding my dad’s hand I found myself dressed in khakis and a white America Supports You polo- I was officially put on “sticker duty.” That’s right, if you or your child received an ASY sticker or tattoo from a tall blonde, you met “the intern.” After walking up to bright eyed children excited to wear their stickers and convincing the older kids (who weren’t really into the stickers) that tattoos were still cool, I had an extremely rewarding experience.

Considering that the Pentagon is the largest office building in the world, I was anxious to see how the day would unfold. As tents were being set up, craft stations assembled and numerous volunteers were being escorted to the court yard...I watched (well observed, really, as I was running around with different tasks) as everything seemed to be falling place. Excitement was building up as children and their parents enjoyed the sunshine outside before the festivities began.

There were five different craft zones set up for the children to enjoy. Personally, I was a little jealous of the children I walked past with sand art designs, painted t-shirts and wind catchers. I wish I had the chance to partake in those types of activities when I went to work with my dad. Build-a-books and t-shirt painting seemed to be a big hit, and the line to get a balloon from the clowns seemed never ending. The day went as planned, at least from my perspective, and I guess there isn’t much that can go wrong when it comes to passing out blue draw-string bags (sorry to those who didn’t get one; we ran out), stickers and tattoos.

Parents tried going back into the building and their children put all their weight leaning in the direction of the court yard, begging to stay. One little girl came up to me as we were cleaning up, “Excuse me. Is there anything I can do to help you?” My reply was “No thank you sweetie. But did you have fun today?” Her blue eyes grew wider as a smile stretched across her face and she rambled on about the different things made. As her dad took her hand to walk away she turned and said, “I can’t wait till next year!”

I may not be here next year as an intern with America Supports You, but I’m sure there will be someone just as excited to be put on sticker duty and ensure that the children of the Pentagon see the amazing things that take place within its walls.

Mandy Fassett
OSD Public Affairs
America Supports You intern

Thanks Mandy! You can also hear the ASY Live interview from Linda Davis with Connect and Join, the organization that coordinated the event by clicking here.