Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calling all Contractors

Homes for Our Troops is a wonderful non-profit organization that helps build and adapt new homes for our wounded servicemembers. Today, on ASY Live, I interviewed Kirt Rebello, who is the VP/Cheif Projects Officer for the organization.

If anyone happens to know someone who works in the construction/housing industy that may be able to offer land donations, labor or materials, Homes for Our Troops is a great organization to contact.

They have helped countless injured servicemembers adapt their homes, and most of them are severly wounded. It's really amazing...Kirt was talking about how they are able to widen doors, adapt showers, even install voice and motion activated software. Kirt talked about one family who lived in a single room with their parents. The individual was severly wounded, and his wife and he had 2 kids. The organization was able to build an entirely new house for them.

Here is a great video to watch about the organization.