Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Military Spouses - You are Appreciated!

It's Military Appreciation Month...and today on the White House Lawn Military Spouses throughout the nation were recognized for their service.

"Our nation owes a great deal to what I call “the power behind the power” – the families of all those who are serving. While our men and women in uniform may be called to pay the highest price, their families, and particularly their spouses, make a considerable sacrifice as well. Each spouse entrusts to the nation his or her most treasured possession, often for a long period of time." - Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

So true. The vast majority of our Homefront Groups at America Supports You and bloggers here at the Department of Defense New Media Department personally understand that the sacrifice does not end with the service member. They spend so much time rallying support for the ones they love and it is not often that we get a chance to stop and thank them for their committment to this country.

Millions of family members are forced to make choices and sacrifices everyday as part of the military community.

Some might suffer silently through multiple relocations, others understand as their loved ones cannot be there for special family events, still others stand by strongly through the recovery of a wounded soldier.

It is a sacrifice that cannot be forgotten, and we can't thank you enough for what you do!

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