Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Helmet Comfort for Soldiers

Last Week, on ASY Live, we talked with Mark Meaders, a retired Air Force officer that works for Operation Helmet.

The company distributes helmet upgrade kits to increase the comfort of traditional helmets. "Comfort is a very critical component," Meaders explained. "I recieved a note from a Marine Battallion Commander about a convoy he was on for about 14 hours... the individual can wear the helmet for a long period of time and not be distracted by discomfort, making it easier to pay attention and focus on the mission at hand," he explained.

Meaders explained that the upgrade kits also maintain effectiveness for impact injury, where the padded suspension dissipates the effect of "the g-force injury that causes your brain to act like a clapper and a bell." Speaking to the effects of TBI, an increasingly dangerous injury in this particular conflict, he said that "injury can be immediate, you can see someone who has that type of injury be disoriented, have slurring of speech, have classic concussive symptoms...unfortunately, the other side often occurs as well where the soldier has recieved the injury but there is no evidence for weeks."