Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Plan an ASY Freedom Walk!

Individuals and organizations across the country and around the world are busy planning America Supports You Freedom Walks to mark the quickly approaching seventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and to remember veterans past and present.

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There are nearly 185 ASY Freedom Walks are already scheduled to take place on and around September 11.

Of those walks, eight are scheduled overseas, in Heidelberg, Germany; Santa Rita, Guam; Baghdad, Iraq; Vicenza, Italy; Iwakuni, Japan; Moron, Spain; and Seoul and Daegu, South Korea.

It's easy to organize one!

Colton Lockner, who is only 11, organized his first America Supports You Freedom Walk two years ago, and is organizing two this year. Joey Rizzolo, 13, is organizing Paramus, New Jersey's second America Supports You Freedom Walk. This walk comes on the heels of Rizzolo's recently published guide to organizing a Freedom Walk, "20 Steps to a Freedom Walk."

To learn how you can plan your own - you can download the planning guide!