Monday, May 12, 2008

One Video Makes a Difference

As many of you know, May is National Military Appreciation Month.

Nearly a year ago, Lizzie Palmer, a 15 year old from Ohio, honored the troops with this video.

Since that time, it has been distributed widely, on venues like YouTube to encourage Americans to think about our troops during the month of May and always. This is an example of how anyone can use the Internet to raise awareness about the sacrifices of our troops and their families.

Here's a quote from Lizzie: "I'm a sophomore in high school in Ohio, and I play the flute/piccolo. I plan on joining the U.S. Army after I graduate. I only hope I can make America as proud as our troops today have, and I hope I can honor them in the way they deserve with my videos. I love talking to American military personnel, but it's not very often that I get the chance. Hope you all have a great day and God bless!"